The Sleeper's Wake

The Sleeper’s Wake * * * (Short Powerbow): This massive curved fish bone inlaid with black jade has an unsettlingly organic look to it. Though its limbs are solid, the dull and milky material is still flexible, and light can be seen through all but the thickest portions of it. Seaweed, barnacles, and bits of coral grow from it in irregular patterns, and the bowstring itself seems to be formed of both a kelp-like plant and some sort of membranous tissue. The grip and arrow rest are a solid piece of black jade seemingly woven around and through the bone in a tight knot, with a single hearthstone slot set just above the sight window.

After witnessing his raiding tribe decimated by an archer of supernal skill, a beastman artificer of terrifying visage and unquiet mind set about constructing his own potent stringed weapon that was also usable beneath the waves. To attain this, The Sleeper’s Wake was meant to draw upon the strength of an ancient slumbering behemoth from which the bone was pried. Although the techniques employed in its construction were novel, it fell far short of expectations. The bow is effective underwater, but no connection to its still-sleeping progenitor has yet manifest.

After its creator’s death, the weapon passed to a much less potent beastman, who lost it (and his life) to a heroic mortal merchant captain. It changed hands many times before being won in a game of dice by Intractable Splendor, Sommelier of the Blood-Scent. He cared not for the weapon and happily “loaned” it to Apex, the Twice-Chosen before forgetting about it altogether.

Evocations of The Sleeper's Wake

When an Essence-wielder who is attuned to The Sleeper's Wake attacks using the bow, they suffer no environmental penalties from wind, wave, or storm. Arrows fired from the bow travel through water as easily as air. The Sleeper's Wake is rendered brittle and unusable if it ever goes more than one week without being fully submerged in salt water, regaining its flexibility and function once the ritual has been performed.

Forceful Undertow

Cost: 2m Mins: Essence 1
Type: Supplemental
Keywords: Withering-only
Duration: Indefinite
Prerequisite Charms: None

Arrows fired from the nautical powerbow trail a spectral vortex that pulls at the target, drawing her down into doom. This Charm supplements a Withering attack, applying an onslaught penalty to the target's Defense of -2 that doesn't fade so long as the cost remains committed.

The Sleeper's Wake

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