Terror Island Regalia

Terror Island Regalia * * * (Light Artifact Armor): Comprising a breastplate, pair of vambraces, and a crown with mail coif, the Terror Island Regalia was one of many armor sets worn by the wardens of the First Age hunting preserve now known as Ani Rel’Teztu, the Island of Biting Terrors. Its powers are focused on mobility, making it easier for the wardens to keep pace with the island's beasts, or stay out of their reach.

While the true masters of that place were drawn into conflicts elsewhere during the Usurpation, a few dragon-blooded retainers stayed behind to safeguard their works. One died in the throne room of the Island’s Manse, undone by treachery or carelessness. The corpse was looted by the island's primitive inhabitants, and claimed by Apex, The Twice-Chosen after she rose to become their leader.

Plates of hardened lizard hide, modeled brown in color, stretch across the fronts and backs of the vambraces and breastplate, reinforced by a thin tracery of green jade. That same tracery lends supernatural strength to the many jagged teeth and claws protruding from the collar, shoulders, and outer surfaces of the forearms. A hearthstone slot is embedded in the chest, off-center, roughly over the wearer's heart. The crown itself is made of a myriad of teeth curving upwards. Its coif alternates links of green jade with those of mortal iron, rusted brown from age but still retaining mystic strength.

Evocations of the Terror Island Regalia

An Exalt who attunes to this armor gains a +1 bonus to combat movement rolls made to oppose an enemy's monement, whether that enemy is attempting to close or move farther away. The bonus increases to +2 if the enemy contested is an animal or beast.

Terror Island Regalia

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