Apex, the Twice-Chosen

BlackH7's character, Zenith Beastrider



Attribute Starting XP (Current)
Strength 2 2 Primary (8)
Dexterity 5 5
Stamina 4 4
Charisma 5 5 Tertiary (4)
Manipulation 1 1
Appearance 1 1
Perception 3 3 Secondary (6)
Intelligence 2 2
Wits 4 4

Abilities (28 + 13)

Ex? Ability Starting XP (Current)
F Archery 4 4
C Athletics 3 3
F Awareness 4 4
F Dodge 4 4
C Integrity 3 3
Lore 1 1
Medicine 1 1
Occult 1
C Presence 5 5
F Resistance 3 3
F Ride 3 5
Sail 1 1
Stealth 1 1
S Survival 5 5
C War

Specializations (4)

  • Archery: Beastback
  • Lore: Beasts of Legend
  • Medicine: Poisons
  • Ride: Giant Lizards

Merits (10 + 2)


Principals Wild things are sacred and deserve respect. defining
People should speak plainly and mean what they say. minor
No one deserves what they can’t defend. major
Ties Tauriz, Sovereign of Land and Sea (love) defining
Intractable Splendor, Sommelier of the Blood-Scent (love) defining
Ani Rel’Teztu, Island of Biting Terrors (love) major
The Immaculate Order (contempt) minor
Tikal Foamborne (respect) minor
Sweet Release (enmity) minor

Charms (15 + 10)

Ability Charm Cost Duration Notes Page #
Awareness (Favored) Sensory Acuity Prana 5m Scene Double 9’s on all Awareness rolls 267
Keen Taste and Smell Technique 3m Scene +2 successes on Survival to hunt/track, recognize characters by scent, create/reference taste and smell library 268
Integrity (Caste) Destiny-Manifesting Method (3m, 1wp) Permanent Partially resists reality-shaping or fate-weaving attack that interferes with beastmastery 304
Integrity-Protecting Prana (5m, 1wp) Permanent Immunizes mind, body, equipment from Wyld influence as long as committed 304
Presence (Caste) Tiger’s Dread Symmetry - Permanent +1 die on all Presence rolls, reroll 3 non-successes on Intimidate 370
Ride (Favored) Seasoned Beast-Rider’s Approach 1m, 1wp Instant Tauriz: added to battle and acts separately with a starting Initiative equal to Apex’s 381
Worthy Mount Technique (1i) Permanent Tauriz: adds +2 to damage totals; may make reflexive Defend Other actions for Apex 391
Rousing Backlash Assault 5m Instant Tauriz: may make decisive counterattack against foe making close-range attack on Apex or himself 383
Survival (Supernal) Friendship With Animals Approach 3m Scene Wild prey animals are friendly, predators do not attack 409
Hardship-Surviving Medicant Spirit 5m Day Eliminates dice penalties from extreme conditions, lowers difficulty to forage/find shelter by 2 (min 1) 409
Element-Resisting Prana - Permanent While pre-req is active, reduce all environmental damage by 3 412
Spirit-Tied Pet (10m, 1wp, 1xp) Instant Familiars gain Defining loyalty, can grant 5m and 1wp per day, can be possessed by Apex 410
Bestial Traits Technique (10m, 1wp, 2xp) Instant Trains up familiars’ Attributes/Abilities. Used 3 times: Tauriz Str+1, Dex+1; Maverick Dex+1 411
Hide-Hardening Practice - Permanent Tauriz: Soak +3, Hardness +1 411
Life of the Aurochs - Permanent Tauriz: Adds one -1 health level, two -2 health levels 411
Saga Beast Virtue (5m, 1wp) Indefinite Tauriz and Maverick: +25% size, +1 all Attributes and both Defenses, 3 mutations, immune to fear 413
Beast-Mastering Behavior 10m, 1wp Week Makes training easier. Used repeatedly: Tauriz and Maverick: all book-listed tricks 410
Familiar-Honing Instruction 4m Instant Tauriz or Maverick: give command, roll (Charisma + Survival) and add successes as dice to familiar’s pool. 411
Deadly Onslaught Coordination 3m Instant Tauriz or Maverick: ignoring initiative, if they have not yet attacked this round, can attack same target immediately before or after Apex’s attack 411
Red-Toothed Execution Order 5m Instant Tauriz or Maverick: Adds extra successes to damage on a decisive attack, reset by building initiative back to 10+ 413
Ambush Predator Style 3m Instant Maverick: Uses Apex’s Wits+Awareness for Join Battle, adds 2 non-charm successes, bonus dice from F-HI have exploding successes 412
Force-Building Predator Style - Permanent Maverick: gains +1 initiative/turn, suspended during DPM 414
Crimson Talon Vigor - Permanent Tauriz: Apex’s successful withering attacks grant Tauriz initiative equal to half the amount stolen 414
Deadly Predator Method 15m, 1wp Indefinite Tauriz or Maverick: May reroll join battle, +15% size, much smaller opponents -1 to attacks, +2 successes for Intimidate, Athletics, all attacks; +2 withering damage dice, decisive attacks do not reset init unless R-TEO used; +5 soak, immune to decisive attacks; lose 1 init/round, ends if crashed; reset by killing enemy with R-TEO 414
Colossal Rampaging Beast 7m, 3a, 1wp Scene Tauriz or Maverick: Triggers and replaces SBV, +3 mutations, 3 non-charm successes to feats of strength, may attack into short range, double hardness from H-HP, add three -0 and two -4 health levels M-35

Prospective Charms (Essence 1)

Athletics (Caste) Graceful Crane Stance 261
Monkey Leap Technique 261
Presence (Caste) Harmonious Presence Meditation 369
Ride (Favored) Master Horseman’s Techniques 380
Flashing Thunderbolt Steed 380
Storm-Racing Destrier M-28
Survival (Supernal) Food-Gathering Exercise 409
Harmony with Nature Approach M-34
Baara-Unleashing Technique M-36

Prospective Charms (Essence 2)

Presence (Caste) Majestic Radiant Presence 370


  • Bonus Points:
    • Abilities: 11
    • Caste/Favored Charms: 4 (1 Ride)
  • Solar XP:
  • XP:
    • Unspent: 3
    • Charms: 72 (1 Integrity, 1 Ride, 7 Survival)
    • Upgrades: 5 (Bestial Traits Technique x2, Spirit-Tied Pet x1)

Apex, the Twice-Chosen

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