Born into a world ruled by those who betrayed your ancient soul, you must keep your grand power hidden until you are potent enough to stand against the 10,000 Dragons and the force of their Realm. Somewhere in the vast seas and archipelagos of the West you sought something of great value. Your grand and lonesome quest ended in failure.

In that low time, you heard about a glimmer of hope…

Years ago, a great beast returned from the depths of legend: Tahamoku, the Wand'ring Island. When this vast beast was about to destroy a island and her people, a group of mighty heroes slew the beast. Later, rumors surfaced that the behemoth was not truly dead, or had returned from the shadows to again swamp and crush the islands of the West. Somehow, Plentimon of Dice, the God of games of chance has acquired the shell of the vast creature and built from it a gilded casino to rival the most opulent palaces of Creation.

To inaugurate the new casino, Plentimon has chosen to host a tour of the Northwestern seas and a Tournament of Champions. Each contender must bid something that they truly value; it need not be material goods, for Plentimon's magic is great. The sole winner of the Tournament wins all bids, as well as a month of service from the God of dice himself.

With a reward like that, you could succeed where once you failed… that, and more!

You have traveled to the glitz and squalor of Wu Jian to await The Wand'ring Isle… and glory!

Exalted: The Role of the Dice

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